JFM Inspections, Inc. conducts radon mitigation through Fran The Radon Man, utilizing the most common type of radon mitigation system, the sub-slab depressurization system. This system uses venting and sealing to lower radon levels in the home. A pipe is installed that runs from below the basement flooring to above the roofline, with a fan at the top that draws radon out from under the slab. Cracks and openings in the foundation are sealed. The radon is vented through the pipe to the outside, where it is quickly diluted. The average price of our system is around $1,500 and is dependant on characteristics of the home and the underlying soil. You can install the system yourself, if you are highly experienced in making home repairs, or you can hire our New Jersey certified radon mitigator to do the work for you. Fran West, our radon mitigator, meets specified education and experience standards in the State of New Jersey for mitigating a home for radon. It is against the law for uncertified contractors to do mitigation work in New Jersey. After your home has been mitigated, we will conduct a post- mitigation test to prove the system is working properly. In addition, you can contact the Radon Program to obtain a free post-mitigation test (you will have to provide a copy of your mitigation contract). Retesting your home every two years will tell you whether or not your system is still working effectively in reducing the radon level to below 4 pCi/L. For more information or for a mitigation quote, call Fran West at (609) 820-8958 or Email.